1. Why your products are selling at a big discount?

Quarantine Clearance Sale: In recent two years, due to the impact of the epidemic COVID-19 Our inventories have piled up and lots of warehouses have closed down. This is why they sell them to us at a lower price and we can sell them at a big discount. For all of the products we sell, you can find the same original products at a higher price on Amazon.com. Many Unclaimed Packages: Unclaimed packages Every month, hundreds of thousands of packages are lost and sent to us for safekeeping. if they go unclaimed for 3 months, we sell them at 76% off at least!

2. After I place an order, when will it arrive?

We process the order within about 48 hours, usually within 7-10 days depending on your shipping address, or about 15 days if it is in remote areas.

3. If I am not satisfied with the item I received, can I return it?

If you are not satisfied after receiving the goods, you can choose to return it within 30 days, and upload your return order number, we will refund you after verifying and receiving the goods

4. I went to the checkout page but did not pay, why did I check out again and it showed no stock?

Because our inventory is relatively tight, and only one customer is allowed to buy one item on the website, it may be possible to hand over your order share to the next customer.

Shipping & Returns:

1. I received a bike that doesn't fit my size, can I choose a different size?

Yes, but we only allow you to return it once, or you can help us send it to the next customer in need, we will send it back to you, because we have a low price promotion, and the return shipping will cost us a lot

2. What courier do you usually use for delivery?

We generally use UPS, Fedex

3. Why did I place an order yesterday and I don't have a tracking number today?

Because we need about 48 hours to verify the customer's information and process the order to prevent mistakes, I hope you can understand this.


1. What payment methods can I use?

We can pay with Paypal and Stripe credit card, this is very secure for you.

2. Can i pay by credit card without paypal?

Yes, we also support stripe credit card payment.